Wonderland Friends


Meet the Enchanted Wonderland Friends!


Alice Little 

Alice Little loves to explore the nonsense land of Wonderland!

In her many travels throughout the land she has meet some fantastic friends! Her favorite hobbies include playing flamingo croquet with the Queen of Hearts and attending Maddie's Haberdashery Tea Parties! Alice is sure to be one of the sweetest guests you invite

 to your special occasion


Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts rules over Wonderland. She loves to be entertained with fun games, sophisticated tea parties, and dancing! But be warned! She could steal your heart away with her sweetness, but have your head for displeasing her! The Queen of Hearts enjoys spending time exploring Wonderland with her friends Alice and Maddie! Invite the Queen of Hearts to your party and 

it is sure to be one for the storybooks! 


Maddie Hatter

Maddie Hatter is a friend you are sure to remember! With her crazy games, riddle-ish stories, and mad tea parties she is sure to win the ribbon for the most Wonder-ish friend on the Madness Meter! 

Invite Maddie to your next event and it is sure to be Tea-rific!


Have a Wonder-ful Time at Your Next Party!


60 Minute Wonderland Appearance ~  $200  


It's Your Time....

Invite one of your favorite Enchanted Wonderland Friends to 

your next event! It's Sure to be one for the storybooks!

What's Included:

60 Minute Character Appearance 

1 Enchanted Wonderland Character of your choice 

Unlimited Guest List

1 Birthday Gift

10 Favor Bags

What the Character will bring:

  •  CD of Themed Music
  •  Storybook
  •  Activity (examples: Musical Snowflakes, Giant Puzzle Game, and Memory Game)

Popular Add- on Options

  • Upgrade to Singing Character $25
  • Additional  Standard Character $125
  • Additional Singing Character $150
  • Additional Favor Bags $4 each
  • Little Princess Rhinestone Tiara $15

Mad Tea Party Jamboree ~  $525

Come to Wonderland with Me...

Join Tiny Diva Princess Party's Enchanted Wonderland Friend, Maddie Hatter, as you explore you're inner Royal or Rebel! This Wonder-ful Party is sure to be one for the storybooks as your guests battle for the "Most Tea-rific Group of Wonderland"! Maddie and her friend will host the Royals vs. Rebels Tournament full of games, dancing, and singing! And what better way to remember your Tea-riffic Party than with your very own Storybook of Legends! Record your favorite moments with your mirror-pad, and print the images during the party! All the fun will be stored in a keepsake Storybook of Legends for your Power Princess! 

What's Included:

2 Hour Maddie Hatter Appearance 

1 Wonder-ful Party Assistant 

Unlimited Guest List

1 Birthday Gift

25 Favor Bags

25 PDF Printable Invites to match the theme

What the Character will bring:

  •  Royals vs. Rebels Tournament Activities  
    • Games
    • Dance Off
    • Sing- A - Long
  • 1 Create Your Own Storybook of Legends 
    • Mirror Pad
    • Portable Photo Printer
    • Craft Supplies
  • Special Lighted Speaker 


Popular Add-on Options

  • Additional Singing Character $150
  • Additional Favor Bags $4 each
  • Little Princess Rhinestone Tiara $15

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