The Tiny Diva Explorer 

Welcome to Tiny Diva Princess Party's official Magical Guide to your favorite Fairytale Kingdom! 

The Tiny Diva Explorer

Ashley Lusk

WDW Annual Passholder and Park Guru

About the Blog...

As an Event Coordinator for Tiny Diva Princess Party I have the pleasure of helping our guests plan their special events. I can help our clients choose the best event package, Enchanted Storybook Character, and itinerary to match their perfect party plans. However, one of my favorite tasks is a small but curtail part of any private party; Making sure the magic continues from where you left off on your last visit to the Magic Kingdom! I have had countless clients call frantic when they return to Minnesota, as they realize they’ve just invited their favorite storybook character to their home! Asking a few simple questions about their experience at the parks, our clients comment with surprise at how much we know about their experience! I then make sure that this information is passed down to our cast as they prepare for our private events. Flawlessly we end up with many messages of gratitude for the perfect interactions that help to create magical memories that will last a life time. Other times we have clients looking to take a trip themselves to the sunny coasts for the next big family vacations. I LOVE to chat with our excited guests and pass along a few of my favorite suggestions. As I talk to all these adventurous individuals, it has been suggested again and again that I should share my experiences and overall Disney Fan knowledge. Well... I have heard your requests and, in light of my recent trip, have decided to start this blog to help Tiny Diva Princess Party Fans plan their next special Disney Vacation!

In this new Disney themed blog, I hope to cover topics on where to meet some of your favorite characters, dining experiences, shows and theatrical performances, interactive experiences, cover the best rides to FastPass+, help spark your imagination with specialized trip outlines, and answer some of your Disney questions! I will take you on my journeys around the Florida based parks and give you my impressions of each new experience! I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

*** The Tiny Diva Explorer is not affiliated with the Disney Corporation in anyway. ***

This is a personal, fan- based piece created with the intention of helping other Disney Fans navigate their way through their next vacation.