Tiny Diva Prom Night

Making the Most of Prom Night for Special Needs Students

Are you planning your prom night?

Do you have a date lined up? Prom night is a great time to get ready for your college life. It’s the one night that you can go wild, dress up, and have fun with your friends. Here are some things that you will want to make sure that you take into consideration when you are planning your prom night.

How many of us have seen a home video of James Bond on the big screen? If not, then you are about to be spoiled for choice! Theatrical prom night videos can be just as exciting as any other kind of movie, but they can also be a lot more expensive. That’s why it’s important to consider renting a film instead of seeing it at the theater.

Can you imagine being in a group of your friends all dying excited while listening to a foreign language exchange from some type of foreign language? You can have that in your prom night! Rent a foreign language movie and drive home while everyone is watching and laughing. Everyone will be able to laugh together and you can enjoy your graduation ceremony with ease. A lot of us forget how much we enjoy the exchange of jokes and stories after we graduate from high school. Having a graduation party at your own home can help you remember all of the wonderful times that you shared with your peers and now they are looking forward to celebrating with you at their weddings.

Have you ever been to a slasher film?

Slasher films are often thought of as “scary” movies, but there is so much more to them than just that. They are actually filled with funny, witty, and creative stories told in a way that is exciting and fun for the audience. If you have never seen a slasher film, then it is time that you did just that and add a little excitement to prom night.

Another great idea is to rent a prom video with your classmates

Everyone can drive home in their own car after the graduation ceremony. The drive home will be very exciting, since each of you will get to tell stories about the other during the drive home. It will also give everyone something to talk about during the drive home after the prom. Since prom night will probably be the last memory that you have of this school year, it is important that you capture every last moment that you can on videotape. Once you have the videotape, make a compilation of the drive home and the prom videos that you will take along.

Your prom night will not be complete without a prom favor for each of your prom attendees. While you might think that you are not able to afford personalized favors, you might want to consider making them personalized with something about the theme of the promenade that has a special needs twist. If you know that there will be a lot of food or drinks served at your prom, consider serving personalized pens or water bottles with the proceeds going to a special needs organization. These types of favors can go a long way towards showing your appreciation and love for all of your prom attendees.