Quotes Princess Ariel, Thank you for making my 4th birthday party a beautiful memory. ~Princess Rosanna~ Quotes
Thank You from a Little Princess

Quotes Thank you Princess Belle! Bella had an unforgettable, super FUN 4th Birthday! The girls loved getting their hair, makeup, and nails done and dressing up with princess gowns. Bella loves to dance too so thank you for teaching her FUN dances! We would totally recommend you to everyone! GREAT JOB! and Thank You! =) Quotes
So Much FUN!

Quotes I would like to thank Ashley from Tiny Diva Princess Party. She couldn't have made my little three year old happier on her birthday. She couldn't stop talking about Cinderella coming to her house and having a tea party for days. We look forward to more magical memories! Quotes
Mommy of a little princess

Quotes I have worked with Tiny Diva Princess Party on many different community and charity events. They have been wonderful to work with and I find any customer service complaints difficult to believe, as I have seen them go above and beyond for their clients multiple times. They are truly a gem in our community with a genuine desire to create an unforgettable and magically delightful experience for your children. Quotes
Brianna K.

Quotes Tiny Diva Princess Party is the perfect even planning for any little prince or princesses birthday! They have choices for many different princesses including Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and the Frozen Sisters! They never fail to put a smile on your children's face and the activities are always a huge hit!! Quotes

Quotes Aspyn was lucky enough to meet 3 of her favorite princesses today! She couldn't handle waiting in line & when her time came, she ran right into Anna's arms! A mothers dream come true to see your child in such happiness & a little girls dream come true all at the same time! Thanks Elsa, Anna & Ariel <3 Quotes
Special Moments

Quotes My daughter Ericka Noraine Padilla has watched Frozen many many times that she memorized their dialogues already. Meeting Elsa & Anna of Tiny Diva Princess Party was the most magical experience ever! The storytelling and singing of Let It Go with them was the highlight of her day!!! Quotes
A Fun Day at Kidspo

Quotes My daughter got to meet Elsa and Anna at the Kidspo in Eagan and it is the only thing that she really wanted to do there. They are her favorite princesses. She was shy when she met them as well. =) Quotes
Kidspo Fun!

Quotes My daughter, Zaya LOVES Frozen! She sings, dances, and acts everything out whenever she watches the movie... especially to Let it Go! She will even be dressing up as Elsa for Halloween! Imagine her excitement when she had the opportunity to meet her favorite Princesses, Anna and Elsa! =) Quotes
Special Surprise

Quotes Thank you Tiny Diva Princess Party and shout out to Kidspo!!!!!! For letting me attend the "Dinsey Live Program" at the Target Center!!!! I had a blast, and I can't thank Dawn Manthey enough for EVERYTHING SHE DOES!!! Quotes
Meghan Andryski
Special Thank You
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